About Us

"Lawamena" is a famous Ambonese word which means "Keep on Moving Forward". This particular word was chosen simply because we were inspired to look to the future of Ambon, Maluku, and by working with others we hope to create a better opportunity for the children and the young people of the land.

This is strictly a non profit organisation with a sole purpose of providing an education opportunity for the young people in Ambon.

The organisation was established in 2000 and was incorporated in 2002.

Our Objectives

  1. To provide humanitarian relief to refugees, displaced persons, orphans and any other class of persons as approved by the members of the Association. (This was particularly relevant during the conflict of 1999 2004 in Ambon where donations of medical supplies were sent to the refugee camps in Karang Panjang. Money was also sent to purchase food and basic necessities for the refugees. Donations were organized through and distributed by the local church and community)

  2. To provide for the welfare, maintenance and education of the people of Indonesia, with particular focus on Ambon.

  3. To seek financial and in kind donations from the Australian public and overseas to enable the Statement of Purpose and the Primary Objectives to be met.

  4. To provide full accountability and transparency in relation to the use and application of any donations made.

  5. To foster a relationship of friendship and caring between the people of Ambon and the Australian people.

Our Work

When it was formed in 2000, Lawamena started with sponsoring four young Ambonese children, all of whom were refugees from other islands in Maluku. Now, ten years on and with the support of many friends in Australia, the incorporation aims at sponsoring 20 30 children annually.

Since 2005, Lawamena Inc has been working with two local schools in area of Karang Panjang in Ambon. They are SD Negeri 29 Karang Panjang (Primary School) and SMP Negeri 1 Ambon (Junior Secondary Schools Years 7 9).

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