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In 1999 Hetty, had moved to Ambon with her mother and siblings, after their village was attacked by the Muslim fighters and her father was killed on his way back from the farm. Hetty's mother was left to look after the family with four children. Hetty is the second child in the family. Hetty's mother was able to find work in Ambon but was still struggling to make ends meet. The family, along with many other displaced people who took refuge in the area of Karang Panjang were cared for by the local community in Karang Panjang. Through the local church in Karang Panjang, Hetty was recommended to Lawamena Inc to be sponsored for her studies. She was in Grade 5 when she first received scholarship from Lawamena in 2000. Lawamena Inc had the privilege of meeting with Hetty and her mother in April 2005 when Hetty was finishing Year 9. It was very heartening to see how our little donation had made such a big difference in Hetty's life.


Angel was another girl who was sponsored by Lawamena in 2000. She was in Grade 5 when violence broke out in her village and Angel and her parents and her grandmother were evacuated along with many from her village. Angel, her parents and her grandmother were given a small quarter in the refugee camp which was set up at the athlete's training centre in Karang Panjang. Here Angel and her family had to share their lives with hundreds of other refugees from many different villages. The family had lost everything back in their village, and the father who was a farmer was unable to find employment in Ambon. Angel was an intelligent girl who was given an opportunity to continue her studies at the local primary school. When met by Lawamena in 2005, Angel was in Year 10 at the local Technical High School and she was planning to major in Hospitality. Because of her outstanding performance at the school, she was given the opportunity to complete a practical part of her Hospitality course in Bali. It was hoped that when she completed her High School Certificate she would be ready for employment so she could help her family and support herself.