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A joint venture between the Gull Force Association and Lawamena.

For a number of years the Gull Force has worked with Lawamena and supported our work in providing education for the children in Maluku, particularly in Ambon.

Both organisations have been working together in providing partial scholarships for nursing students. To provide an opportunity for nursing staff working in public hospitals in Ambon City to retrain to become fully qualified nurses.


This year the two organisations sponsored four students. The four students were presented with their scholarships in September 2011 by Lawamena and Gull Force.


In April 2012 with our sponsor partner Gull Force Association, Lawamena is pleased to announce that we were able to extend a further six scholarships for students to undertake midwifery courses. This building of skills in the health sector of the Ambonese community is a precious resource that will contribute significant value to the quality of life for the Ambonese.

Both Gull Force and Lawamena feel privileged and proud of being afforded the opportunity to give such a gift to those in need.